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MS Steelfab

Close tolerance steel fabrications

Over a period of some┬áthirty years we have produced many close tolerance steel fabrications. When followed by a machining process, accuracy is a prerequisite and critical to the success and profitability of the Company and it’s reputation. While many of these fabrications are machined by MS Precision in-house, others are simply well beyond the size of our machining capability. In these cases our contract is for the fabrication only and these are then sent to machine shops with large capability. Of course “right first time” then becomes paramount. MS Steelfab produce many components which are not followed by a machining process, accuracy and finish often become more significant, in an “as welded finish”, a true testament to the skills of our fabricators. While this style of work is not for all fabricators we have a core of tradesmen who enjoy the challenge that comes with these exacting requirements, they consistently meet the tolerance demanded and always take pride in the finish to their workmanship.

Structural steel fabrication for the building industry, both residential and commercial, form the balance of the workload carried out by MS Steelfab. After fabrication and the application of the specified corrosion control, either in house or by specialized contractors, the structural steel is sent to site and generally erected by MS Structures.


  • Five 2 Tonne Gantrys & One 3 Tonne Gantry
  • Large Rollers
  • 3 Large BandSaws, including 1 Auto Saw
  • Workshop Floor Space over 1300 sq metres
  • Small and Large Forklifts (2 Tonne and 10 Tonne)
  • Yard Crane (Demag 70 Tonne)