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MS Blast & Paint

Blasting & Painting specialists

Blasting Bay

The days of wire brushing and shop painting are long gone at MS Engineering, with the installation of a dedicated Blast & Paint section onto the workshop.

Supplied by Syntech, the Pneumatic Recovery System blaster ensures that steel shot is recycled, cleaned and re-used efficiently. The result is a surface finish that ensures paint adhesion is not compromised and a professional finish can be achieved. With the ability to switch to a wide-range of blast media, MS Engineering is able to provide blasting solutions to suit most finish requirements.

This includes structural steel, sheetmetal pressing, plate blasting, and also cleanup for wheels and other trailer components pre-galvanizing. Blasting allows for a much for efficient and clean method to remove rust, paint or other unwanted materials on your project.

Paint Bay

MS Engineering’s customers requested improvements to their paint finishes, and this was a main driver in providing a dedicated paint booth within the facility. This ensures that contamination from other areas within the workshop does not affect the finish that can be achieved on our steelwork. The result is a high quality product that extends from purpose built commercial fabrications and truck body repaints, to exposed onsite structural internal and external steelwork.

MS Engineering has recently continued to update its technology in this area, aquiring the ‘Elcometer’ range through Syntech. This includes:

  • Surface Profile Guage: Used to ensure the blasting process provides the correct end profile on steelwork for paint adhesion success.
  • Coating Thickness Guage: To ensure that the painted steelwork meets specifications provided by the paint used or desired by the customer.
  • Dewpoint Meter: Allows for fast and accurate measurement of surface temperature, air temperature and relative humidity. From these measured values the gauge then calculates dewpoint temperature, delta temperature, dry bulb temperature and specific humidity. This ensures that the presence of moisture either in the environment or on the subsrate in no way affects the quality finish of our paintwork.

Mobile Workshop

Engineering Projects Onsite? = No Problem for MSE

If you need engineering services onsite, MS Engineering has the capabilities to handle this for you. With several mobile vehicles and skilled welders to operate them, we can cater for all forms of site welding including heavy welding for breakdowns, structural installation welding, and stainless/aluminium welding for boats or for architectural details. This gives our customers peace of mind, knowing MS Engineering can handle engineering projects from start to finish, or assist them in a timely manner with any onsite engineering services required. Often this style of work comes with very crucial timelines – which we endeavour to achieve at all times for our customers.


  • Blast Bay 12m LONG x 4m WIDE x 3.5m HIGH
  • Paint Bay 12m LONG x 4.5m WIDE x 3.5m HIGH
  • Surface Profile Gauge
  • Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Dewpoint Meter

Our staff

Staff within MS Blast & Paint have a high level of pride within their work, and ensure that the finishes that are expected from the project they are working on are achieved. It is a vital role to ensure that MS Engineering's well earned reputation is not tarnished in future years from inadequate paint applications.