Innovation, Technology, Service and Satisfaction. ITSS our Focus.

Our Team

The Management Team within MS Engineering

As the business grew, Hugh realised that to become a truly efficient organisation he required a team around him that he could trust and assist him to manage the direction of the companies future. Graham, Glen, Jules, Jemma and Mark were brought into this new management team covering different areas of the business. The net result to this has been an organisation which, once based solely around Hugh Harvey, is now managed by several individuals each with the desire and determination to ensure MS Engineering’s reputation of Innovation, Technology, Service and Satisfaction (ITSS OUR FOCUS) is practiced on every job that gets completed. This mantra starts at the management team, but feeds right through to the team supervisors and every single employee employed within the company.

Hugh MS eng

Hugh Harvey

Owner/Director and Warkworth Cranes Operations Manager

Hugh brings over thirty five years industry experience. Hugh oversees a range of dynamics on the business, and will be found on the shop floor offering his knowledge to others for jobs currently going through the workshop, assistance for administration and accounts, and generally ensuring that the business runs as efficiently as possible. Hugh grew up in the local area, and has developed significant relationships with many businesses through his ability to provide engineering solutions that meet and often exceed customer excpectations.

Graham Ms eng

Graham Buchs

General Manager

Graham has been with the company now for 12 years. Starting on the shop floor after completing college locally, Graham worked through the business. In 2011-2014 he completed a Bachelor of Business Studies at Massey University, majoring in Management and Human Resources, whilst also working part time with the business throughout. On his return to full time work, Graham was promoted to Contract Manager, and then in late 2016 to General Manager of the company. Being the youngest member of the management team, what Graham lacks in experience is made up with enthusiasm and a persistence to ensure that the companies key drivers of Service and Satisfaction are met at all times.

Glen MS Eng

Glen Crandle

Engineering Manager

Glen has been a part of the MS Engineering team now since 2000. He started within the Precision area of the business, which led to his development into being supervisor of the area for several years. In 2016 he was promoted to Engineering Manager based in the Drafting Office, however Glen is still largely involved with the work going through on the shop floor. Glen has a large amount of engineering knowledge, and he has grown up in the area allowing for many local connections to be made and nurtured. Glen is constantly monitoring the business dynamics, and ensures that the key drivers of Technology and Innovation are met in the company.

Jules MS eng

Jules Palmer

Compliance Manager

Jules has been in the Warkworth area all of her life, and as such has worked for several large organisations in the area. With the ever increasing responsibility of businesses to ensure their compliance is up to date, Jules has the experience and ability to ensure that all work conducted within the business is done so safely. This creates an environment where employees can come to work feeling safe knowing that they will be given every assistance to be properly trained and cared for, and have systems around them to complete work efficiently and as safely as possible.

Jemma MS Eng

Jemma Harris

Accounts and Systems Manager

Jemma is another local to the Rodney area, growing up in Warkworth. Jemma started her working career in Accountancy, and started with MS Engineering as a direct assistant to Hugh. From there she solidified her role, becoming a key driver in the installation and running of our new accounting software. Her ability within the accounts and running the systems showed her skills within this area, and in 2017 she was approached to become the fifth member of the management team, which she accepted. Jemma brings her accountancy knowledge, and has her ‘finger on the pulse’ regarding the systems working in the background of MS Engineering to ensure every job begins and closes as smoothly as possible for our customers.

Mark MS Eng

Mark Harris

Smart Dig & Key Accounts Manager

Mark has been a part of MS Engineering for several years now. Mark has been pivotal in the development and production of MSE Truckbuild – and in particular the Smart-Dig Hydro-Excavator builds that MS Engineering design and manufacture. In late 2018 Mark’s skills to manage these larger company contracts and provide a service to our key customers was identified as a skill valuable on the management team, and Mark accepted a role as Smart Dig & Key Accounts Manager. Mark has the experience to assist our Engineering Manager Glen to ensure the company’s engineering standards are met and retained – but his role also extends to a focus of key clientele, and making sure that these accounts have their project requirements met. Mark ensures that the key drivers of Innovation, Technology, Service and Satisfaction are provided to all key accounts he is involved with.

Jared Dodds

Operations Manager

Jared joined the management team in March 2020 as Operations Manager. Prior to joining MSE Jared owned and operated a successful heavy certification business, and his skills and experience in this sector that he brings into the business are extensive. Jared’s role – alongside Mark and Glen makes up the ‘OPS Team’ – a floor based leadership group which provides leadership and accountability to the supervisors on the shop floor, allowing our diverse workplace to schedule work through each team as efficiently as possible to ensure jobs are done right in a timely and efficient manner. Jared ensures that the core values of the company are upheld on a daily basis to our customers and our team. These Core Values are – Versatile, Decisive, Committed, Honest, Reliable and Dynamic.